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2017 Grant information

Amongst It is about celebrating the many ways South Australians connect with the natural beauty of their state every day, and about providing new and unexpected ways for people to do so.


Applications were due by 5pm CST, Friday, December 1, 2017

Grants are available to projects that aim to

  1. Connect people to nature: connect South Australians to nature in innovative or unexpected ways through creative events, activities or installations. These might look like nature hacks in public areas, or even signs inviting people to notice their surroundings.

  2. Elevate the story: highlight and make visible the ways in which South Australians are displaying their love for the natural wonders of their state. These might look like ideas for advertising campaigns, or storytelling projects that draw attention to the unnoticed and everyday ways South Australians connect with nature (“Did you know that Lord Mayor Martin Haese is an avid bushwalker?”)

At least one instance of your activity/event/installation will need to take place by May 2018. If feasible, we encourage you to consider running the event on more than one occasion, so that you can learn from and build upon your experience first time around.

Before you apply, take a look at the Amongst It prospectus, available at to find out about what makes a successful project.

In order to enable individuals, community groups and organisations to run these projects, we will allocate $20,000 of small grants from $500 - $5000.

Please note: grants may only be allocated to individuals or organisations with an ABN and we suggest that individuals or groups without an ABN consider partnering with another that does. If you have questions about this, please get in touch with Robin at

Required activities

  • Run at least one event, activity, experience or installation in South Australia that either ‘connects people to nature’ or ‘elevates the story’ (as outlined above and in the Amongst It prospectus) before May 2018

  • Work with the ‘Amongst It’ team to develop and flesh out the project

  • Document the event with photos and participant quotes

  • Attend a project sharing/feedback/storytelling session in May 2018

Successful applications

  • Outline the specific event, activity or installation you wish to run, clearly explaining how it will achieve the following elements:

    • elevating the story of the ways in which South Australians are displaying their love for the natural beauty of their state, or

    • connecting people to a natural place according to the interact, notice, share, express, remind or transplant guidelines as outlined in the ‘Amongst It’ prospectus. Note: not all of these design approaches need to be incorporated into a project, but the incorporation of two or more is likely to strengthen your concept.

  • Indicate how you would make your project visible beyond the project’s participants, e.g. sharing on social media (such as by using the #amongstSA hashtag), engaging local print media, putting up posters.

  • Outline the location you would propose to run the project, any ways in which your activity/installation would use this location, and if there are any permissions that may need to be obtained. It is strongly suggested your project be grounded in and responding to a particular location.

  • Indicate the proposed timing of your project.

  • Outline a rough budget for the funds you require.

Please also note

We can only give grants to organisations or individuals with an ABN. 

The ABN holder will be liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the course of your event or installation, so it is important to have appropriate insurance cover such as public liability.

Decision making process

The grants will be administered by Conservation SA. After the closing date, a panel of selected members from the Amongst It working group and an independent chair will determine the grant allocations.

The Amongst It working group is composed of representatives from the three primary partners: the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Conservation SA, and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation.

Successful applicants can expect to receive a reply by Friday, December 15, 2017.