Talk to a tree

Text 0447 305 392

After years of arduous and painstaking experimentation, we have finally bridged the arboreal communication gap.

In preparation for the Adelaide Fringe, South Australian botanists, linguists, and engineers worked through the night to refine the technology to enable humans and trees, finally, to communicate.

To establish contact with this lemon-scented gum, send a text in greeting to 0447 305 392.

You may find her distractible, idiosyncratic, and inscrutable, so, please, be patient. We recommend asking her thoughts on those topics with which she has greatest familiarity: herself, Adelaide and surrounds, and the Adelaide Fringe. You may also find she has some words of wisdom on deeper matters if you ask her the right way.


Text a Tree.jpg

This breakthrough in new forms of nature connection is brought to you by 'Amongst It'—South Australia's home-grown movement celebrating our shared love of the natural world, and the stunning natural beauty of our state. To connect, visit

On opening weekend alone, more than 4,000 messages flitted back and forth between arboreal and human realms, with hundreds of people taking time out of the busy Adelaide Fringe to notice, compliment, and take selfies with this exquisite and loquacious lemon-scented gum.