We're an experiment in connecting individuals to everyday nature and celebrating how important nature is to the identity of South Australia.


Everyday nature

From our screens to commutes to busy lives, we live in an age where an everyday connection to nature is harder than ever. We think that's a shame for our sense of connection and meaning in life, our mental and physical health, and for our sense of care for the natural world.

We believe that care and protection are predicated on connection. Our hunch is that some of the most important conservation work has to start not with just protection but one step back: with building relationship and connection.

Amongst It is experimenting with running more projects that focus on positive, creative connection. 


Nature is in SA's DNA

Most people in South Australia have a meaningful connection to nature, and it's a big part of who we are as a state. We think it's a shame that we don't talk enough about that. 

With Amongst It, we want to celebrate how important that connection to nature is to making South Australia vibrant, grounded, and a great place to live and work.


Over 2019, we're listening, reading, and giving a few things a go to find out what it takes to support transformative nature connection.


Already doing it?

Already running something great in South Australia that connects people to nature? Tell us about it so others can learn from what you're doing. We'd love to help amplify your work and spread the word.

Need ideas?

Not sure exactly what we mean or want some examples of what this can look like?

Have a look at our project guide that walks through what might make a good project in South Australia.