Amongst It is delighted to provide a platform for many of South Australia’s dedicated and innovative nature connection practitioners. In doing so, we hope to support them to find and connect with one another to spark further collaboration. If you would like to join our listing below, simply fill in our form at the foot of the page, and we’ll be in touch.


Sarah Barrett

Grounded Ideas


I have a wealth of experience working with communities to connect with their environments and make positive moves towards sustainability.  I believe that strong communities are built from healthy environments. In modern society, connecting with nature is often undervalued. Community engagement and bridging connections is a focus that has led me to make significant achievements in helping people understand and value the environment they live in.

Using skills derived from years of experience in ecology, biodiversity, rural development and environmental education, I have worked with Government agencies, art therapists, teachers and others to understand nature more deeply. The diverse groups that I have worked with include agricultural, environmental, business, education, tourism and social inclusion groups.

Currently I am exploring unique ways to better understand how biodiversity and production are linked, while creating connections between industry and environmental sectors along the way.

Eco coffins.jpg

Abby Buckley

Eco Coffin Club


The Eco Coffin Project is an informative, arts based, community program that explores the question: What is a sustainable death? The 6-week program raises awareness of Natural Burial and that we have 2 Natural Burial grounds in SA. At the launch, comments included: "Do we? Where? I never knew that! What's a natural burial? Can we really use our own coffin/shroud? Is it legal?" The program SOLD OUT within the first hour of the launch at the Sustainable Living Festival.

Over 6-weeks, our 10 lucky participants attend site visits and workshops with guest speakers. Five flat pack, sustainable plywood, eco-coffins, lined with paper and calico, are assembled and decorated and five shrouds made of biodegradable materials are created and decorated by our participants. With inspiration from local artists and nature, participants can be as creative as they like and they take home their coffins and shrouds at the end. The project engages the wider community with a Death Café and Art Exhibition of the decorated eco-coffins and shrouds at one of the Natural Burial grounds.


Daniel Havey

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I currently facilitate two fortnightly community mindfulness, story- and connection-based nature observation groups held in the Adelaide Parklands and Semaphore respectively.

I have a background in non-government community mental health, and work with a diverse range of people, with an interest in their experiences, reflections and stories about the natural world.

My approach is informed by training in Social Science, Buddhist and Mindfulness practice, New Animism and experiences in nature. My passion is drawing people to reflect on their existing values and experience in nature through story and sharing in a small group or one-on-one settings. My methods involve mindful observation "sit spot" and sharing/witnessing. I believe nature and culture need to be regenerated together and that individual and related community practices are integral to this.

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Jacqui Hunter

Hunter Gatherings (SA) Pty Ltd


I love to design and create events that nurture, explore, delight in and celebrate nature. 

'Hunter Gatherings' draws on my background as an educator, community artist, event coordinator, Permaculturalist and mother. Partnering with artists, scientists, educators, musicians and chefs, Hunter Gatherings may be held at your venue or our own patch of bush in the McLaren Vale wine region, 'Berawinnia'.


Shanelle Palmer

The Bush Classroom

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The Bush Classroom delivers environmental learning excursions and incursions for children in Adelaide's urban bushland led by a qualified environmental educator. We can also assist teachers with designing and developing educational programs for urban bushland/gardens near to schools or on school grounds.


Rod Quintrell

Venture Corporate Recharge | Board Member: Bushwalking Leadership SA, WalkingSA


I enjoy being in nature in many ways and I find it deeply therapeutic. I enjoy going bush with friends, especially if it involves overnight lightweight adventuring by foot, kayak or bike.

I work in Adventure-Based Learning with corporate, youth and specialised groups. I have the best job in the world, working with people to reap the developmental and wellbeing benefits of connection through engagement within natural settings.

The evidence based benefits can come in three ways – being in natural places, exercising in natural places, adventuring in natural places. 

I also deliver training in outdoor leadership and work with the bushwalking community at a strategic level to get more people appreciating and experiencing wild places. I believe we all have the capacity to improve our intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships by switching off, unplugging that device and going bush. See you out there!


Bradley Williams

Naturally Gathered

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Naturally Gathered develops capacity, skills, sense of belonging, connection and self-worth in children, families and communities through nature-based and occupation-focused services.

Our services are designed and guided by occupational therapists and are delivered with individuals, groups or a community context. We have previously delivered our services in collaboration with Trinity College, City of Adelaide and Sturt Street Children's Centre in the beautiful, natural spaces of Humbug Scrub and City of Adelaide Parklands.

Ali Barry.jpg

Ali Barry

Nature Play DECD Family Day Care


As an Early Childood Teacher I am passionate about outdoor education & supporting children to grow holistically, in their own time. I believe providing experiences that allow children to explore all of their senses incorporating natural elements into my program wherever possible including; sand and mud, water, stones, rocks, wood and open, natural spaces. I also focus on providing sensory rich experiences incorporating playdough, rice and lentil sensory bins, gloop, finger painting and more.


The Biology Society of SA

Adam Toomes


The BSSA is a society of biologists who organise networking events, facilitate field work experience and support local conservation. Together we:

  • Provide opportunities for students and members to gain ecological field work experience

  • Raise funds for research grants to support projects that benefit conservation in South Australia

  • Connect and enhance networking between students, biologists and interested members of the public

  • Organise social events for people interested in biology, such as quiz nights and field excursions

  • Promote local South Australian research through our fortnightly podcast

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The Gums Landcare Group Inc.

Gerry Butler


The Gums Landcare Group is made up of a number of individuals and families that leave near The Gums Recreational Reserve in Tranmere and who love the open space and opportunity to connect with nature. The group undertakes a number of on-ground and educative activities in The Gums to conserve and manage and our Patron Ivan Tiwu Copley, a Kaurna/Peramangk man, is working with us to improve understanding of Aboriginal culture.

We are currently working with 1 local school and we hope to collaboratively identify a tree in The Gums that each family can adopt. Each family will be encouraged to place a marker sign next to the tree that they adopt. We believe this activity will have an educative component in that the cultural significance and biodiversity value of the trees and the region, will be discussed with the participants..


Melissa Hellwig

Naturehood, Nurturehood


I am a sustainability facilitator & yogi.

I have created ephemeral mandalas in nature every month since 2010 as a form of play, meditation & self-enquiry. I love to teach yoga outdoors for events like Earth Day, the solstices & equinoxes. I have been a beachcomber, forager & collector since I was a child. 

My new venture, Naturehood, Nurturehood, is a neighbourhood-level enterprise teaching people how to reconnect with nature with activities like foraging, sit spots, micro-adventuring, silent meditation walks & seasonal observances. I aim to activate compassion & connection in the suburbs so people (especially young women) realise the importance of self-care & sustainable living.

My previous experience includes non-profit environmental management & community sustainability engagement for councils & business. My 5 favourite things are saltwater, vegetables, yoga, nature & art. I live with my husband & kids in a house without a front fence & have been a cancer survivor for 20 years.

Bronwyn Paynter.jpg

Bronwyn Paynter

Flourish Nature-Based OT/Nature & Wellbeing Australia

e: | website

I provide Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) experiences in urban parks and at our private National Park Sanctuary on the Fleurieu Peninsula. I create experiences including mandala making, flower crown creation and overnight deep nature immersion retreats.

I am passionate about sharing the evidence for how nature supports our health and wellbeing and I speak about wellbeing in the context of climate change, urbanisation and digital overload. I work with health professionals to inspire and guide in the incorporation of nature into professional practice and for self-care.

I am an occupational therapist, certified nature and forest therapy guide (with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy ( and a permaculture designer. I have a lifelong passion for urban sustainability, home food growing, making, crafting and creating.

I am a founding member of Nature & Wellbeing Australia (, a collaborative group of practitioners providing evidence based experiences in, with and for nature.


Ben Trewren

Youth, Inc.


Youth Inc. believes that every young adult should be afforded the freedom to be themselves, in the context of education, enterprise and employment. We look to use outdoor and nature-based experiences to holistically empower young adults to further their understanding of their self-belief, personal character, employability skills, community stewardship and to ultimately want to create and then leave a better world than when they found it.

These opportunities allow young adults to undertake a new way of personal development in a practical, learning-by-doing approach, based in the local and international community. Our focus is on helping them identify their unique talents, and enabling them to make the most of those talents in the context of a life that matters to them.

While I have experience and qualifications across the Outdoor Recreation and Community Development fields, both the team and I are by no means experts. We certainly welcome any opportunity to learn from others and/or collaborate.

Jacqui with tree.jpg

Jacqui Wilson

Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Association


My focus at the moment is working with residents to include biodiversity in urban spaces, particularly private gardens. I also work with schools to connect students with the natural world and with environmental volunteers from all walks of life.



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