2018 Amongst It projects

A strong relationship with the natural world is fundamental for our personal wellbeing and foundational to our ability to steward nature as a state.

In 2018 we’re supporting 9 projects to try a variety of ways to deepen individual connection to nature and to more widely celebrate how highly valued nature already is in South Australia.

We hope to use what we learn to kick-start a state-wide celebration, a Festival of Nature.


About collaborative prototyping


In 2018, we are testing our theory of change by supporting a variety of different nature connection projects. To facilitate that, $20,000 of small grant funding was allocated by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) in order to support the development of Amongst It projects. This funding was distributed by Amongst It partner Conservation SA.

We were excited to see that demand for funding vastly outstripped our prototype budget, indicating strong interest amongst the community. Despite a brief promotional period, we received applications requesting a total of $96,603. The Amongst It grant panel decided to allocate $17,000 to 7 grant applicants and $3000 to further develop two potential projects that we felt were missing from the line-up.

The grant recipients are detailed above, and these project prototypes will run between the February and May 2018.

We hope to use what we learn to develop a clear understanding of successful ways to build positive nature connection and more widely celebrate how uniquely important nature is in South Australia.

If the process and these projects are well received, we hope to build toward a Festival of Nature in 2019 that can support a much wider variety of nature connection and celebration all across South Australia.